Bronze Tools

These high quality, bronze tools are hand-made in Austria and Hungary by craftsmen coppersmiths. The blades are made from solid bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, and then hand-beaten to harden them.

– They don’t rust
– The edges stay sharp
– The metal is known to deter slugs and snails
– They are hardwearing and last for years
– Copper, being non-magnetic, assists the flow of plant-nourishing earth energies
– They are beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed

The handles of each tool are guaranteed for two years, the blades for 25 years (excluding normal wear and tear)


From left to right:
Copper watering can, Perseus rake, Taurus 3-claw, Sirius hoe, Auva spade, Brass plant mister, Carina mini-spade.

Copper watering can

Made in England by Haws, they look beautiful and keep the water sweet, giving your houseplants a treat!
Capacity: 1 litre
Price: £48 + £5.00 postage ( or free local delivery/collection*)
Discontinued.  Similar model available: Situla  – £75.00

Perseus rake

Strong, hard wearing and beautiful, a great addition to your toolshed.
Dimensions: length: 154cm, width: 32cm, weight: 1.1kg
Price: £96.00 + £7.50 postage ( or free local delivery/collection*)

Taurus 3-claw

A three-pronged cultivator, perfect for loosening soil prior to creating seed beds or for general weeding/aerating.
Dimensions: length: 162cm, width: 10cm, weight: 850g
Price: £78.00 + £7.50 postage (or free local delivery/collection*)

Sirius hoe

A multi-purpose hoe for the vegetable plot, extremely well balanced, light but strong. A joy to use.
Dimensions: length: 128cm, width: 10cm, weight: 850g
Price: £79.00 +£7.50 postage ( or free local delivery/collection*)

Auva spade

A slim, elegant border spade (see below)

Brass plant mister

Made in England by Haws, very useful for keeping houseplants moist.
Capacity: 300ml
Price: £18.00 + £4.00 postage ( or free local/delivery/collection*)

Carina mini-spade

With a sharp triangular bronze head, the Carina is ideal of dividing perennials as well as for small-scale weeding between shrubs. Its 55cm long handle allows the possibility of kneeling whilst still maintaining good leverage.
Dimensions: total length: 65cm, width: 10cm, weight: 500g

Price: £75.00 + £7.50 postage (or free local delivery/collection*)


PKS Bronze spades – Auva and Alya


These two slim and elegant border spades are perfect for a wide of gardening tasks in the vegetable and flower garden.

They are narrow enough to weed between shrubs but wide enough to dig planting holes and for general cultivation. They have beautifully long, ergonomic handles made from European Ash which allow for a comfortable, upright working posture. The Auva has a flat blade suited for most gardening tasks, whilst the Alya has a pointed blade and would be more useful for digging holes and shovelling.

Dimensions: length 114cm
Blade: 24x15cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Price: £121.00 + £12.50 postage or free local delivery/collection*


PKS Bronze Mira Trowel

The Mira Trowel is a handy tool for container growing, bulb planting.

Excellent for removing difficult-to-find weeds as well as single deep-rooted ones – indispensable for the closely planted border. Beautifully balanced and highly efficient: a design classic!


Dimensions: Length: 30.5cm
Max width: 5.5cm
Weight: 185g
Price: £38.00 + £3.95 postage or free local delivery/collection.*



PKS Bronze Castor Trowel


With its turned beechwood handle and sharp, curved blade, the Castor Trowel is a convenient and practical garden trowel.

The Castor is useful for weeding, planting, potting etc. – a very good all-round trowel.

Dimensions: Length: 30.5cm
Max width: 8.5cm
Weight: 225g
Price: £38.00 + £3.95 postage, or free local delivery/collection.*



PKS Bronze Maia Dibber


With an offset ash handle, a copper-covered sheath and silver solder on the point, the Maia dibber is perfect for planting seeds and small plants, in seed drills, modules or pots.

The silver adds valuable trace elements to the soil.

Dimensions: Length: 27cm
Weight: 230g
Price: £39.00 + £3.70 postage, or free local delivery/collection.*



PKS Bronze Vega Hand Fork


A sturdy bronze version of the traditional hand fork. The tines are curved in two directions making the Vega exceptionally sturdy.

Useful for weeding, digging, transplanting etc.

Dimensions: Length: 27cm
Width: 8.5cm
Weight: 215g
Price: £38.00 +£3.95 postage or free local delivery/collection*



PKS Bronze Nunki Weeder


The Nunki Weeder is perfect for loosening the soil and freeing weed roots in a simple action.

This hand hoe is amazingly useful under shrubs and roses to clear shallow rooted weeds. Can also be used in the vegetable garden for clearing and weeding.

Dimensions: Length: 26cm
Width: 6.5cm
Price: £32.00 + £3.70 or free local delivery/collection.*



Mira Trowel & Auva Spade

My two personal favourites: well-used but still beautiful and functional, these are now 3 years old and going strong.








NB all the hand tools come supplied free in their own gift box

If you would like to purchase any of these products, please contact us by phone or email to place an order.

Goods will be dispatched following the receipt of a bank transfer.

*If you prefer you may collect items. Alternatively, we offer free delivery within a 3 mile radius of Forest Row.

Other tools generally  in stock: Carina mini-spade (£72.00), Hydra swing hoe (£111.00), long/short Phoenix hoe (£60/£53), Deneb dutch hoe (£78.00) Spika weeder (23.00, Hive tool £24.00)

All other Implementations tools available to order.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details.



1000 times better than any other trowel on the market. Fantastic” (Mira)

Bob Flowerdew, Gardener’s Question Time, BBC Radio 4.


“ The Ferrari Dinos of trowels – beautifully weighted, sharp and fit for purpose” (Mira)

Observer magazine, 22nd June 2008


“ The Castor trowel is my favourite tool -ever”

Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor, Country Living magazine

“ Much tougher than it looks…the one tool I would rescue from my shed if it caught fire” (Castor)

Sue Boston

Trialled in tunnels – noticed a large reduction in slugs and snails, now in 4th year”

Handley Organics, Bromyard, Herefordshire

“It just so happened that later that morning I took delivery of my shiny new copper trowel, looking more golden than bronze, and I promptly put it to the test by planting roughly the same amount of marigolds as I had the previous day, and in the same place. The next morning I returned to the scene of the crime, and to my amazement there was hardly any damage to the flowers, even though it had also been rainy the night before. Since that day I have hardly picked up an ordinary iron-based trowel, and have added several more copper tools to my arsenal.”

Ark Redwood, head gardener at Chalice Well Gardens, Somerset, after suffering a slug invasion the previous night

Although the copper alloy is a little less hard than iron, and might suffer in soils with flint or larger amounts of stone, the tools are designed to endure. I have found copper trowels last better than ones made of hard stainless steel, which often snap after a year or two, at a weak point near the handle.”

Charles Dowding, permaculture expert and teacher.

“The hydra hoe is the best hoe I have ever used, which is saying something after 40 years of gardening. What makes it special is its double-edged and hinged blade, which means it cuts on both the push and the pull, making light work of weeds”

Dan Pearson, after ‘Elle Decoration’ magazine asked 16 top style influencers in 2017 to choose one item they would not be without.