We stock a seasonal and varied range of pure wool hand-knitted gnomes: beautiful to look at, soft to the touch, filled with biodynamic wool from our local farm.

Please note: each gnome is individually made so they may vary from the photographs, please specify colour combinations or enquire for availability.
(Free local delivery or collection*)

Small house gnomes

Friendly house gnomes in a variety of colours; they can sit on your window ledge, travel in your pocket or sleep by your bed.
Dimensions: 10cm x 3.5cm approx.
Price: £4.50 + £2.50 postage

Large house gnomes

These larger-sized gnomes are lovely gifts for young and old; play with them, look at them, and talk to them. enjoy their company in your home.
Dimensions: 20 -25cm x 8cm approx.
Price: £24.00 + £4.00 postage

Storyteller gnomes

These very special gnomes have finger holes in their arms for storytelling! They can gesture and move in a variety of ways to create an enchanting mood when telling a tale. They are also beautiful to look at when resting and are soft to the touch.
Dimensions: 20 – 25cm x 8cm approx.
Price: £30.00 + £4.00 postage